MirBSD manpage: curs_ins_wch(3), ins_wch(3), mvins_wch(3), mvwins_wch(3), wins_wch(3)

curs_ins_wch(3)     UNIX Programmer's Manual      curs_ins_wch(3)


     ins_wch, mvins_wch, mvwins_wch, wins_wch - insert a complex
     character and rendition into a window


     #include <curses.h>

     int ins_wch(const cchar_t *wch);
     int wins_wch(WINDOW *win, const cchar_t *wch);
     int mvins_wch(int y, int x, const cchar_t *wch);
     int mvwins_wch(WINDOW *win, int y, int x, const cchar_t


     These routines, insert the complex character wch with rendi-
     tion before the character under the cursor. All characters
     to the right of the cursor are moved one space to the right,
     with the possibility of the rightmost character on the line
     being lost. The insertion operation does not change the cur-
     sor position.


     If successful, these functions return OK. If not, they
     return ERR.


     No errors are defined.


     curses(3), curs_insch(3).

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