MirOS Manual: bstring(3)

BSTRING(3)                 BSD Programmer's Manual                  BSTRING(3)


     bstring - byte string operations


     #include <string.h>

     bcmp(const void *b1, const void *b2, size_t len);

     bcopy(const void *src, void *dst, size_t len);

     bzero(void *b, size_t len);

     void *
     memchr(const void *b, int c, size_t len);

     memcmp(const void *b1, const void *b2, size_t len);

     void *
     memccpy(void *dst, const void *src, int c, size_t len);

     void *
     memcpy(void *dst, const void *src, size_t len);

     void *
     memmove(void *dst, const void *src, size_t len);

     void *
     memset(void *b, int c, size_t len);


     These functions operate on variable length strings of bytes. They do not
     check for terminating NUL bytes as the routines listed in string(3) do.

     See the specific manual pages for more information.


     bcmp(3), bcopy(3), bzero(3), memccpy(3), memchr(3), memcmp(3), memcpy(3),
     memmove(3), memset(3)


     The functions memchr(), memcmp(), memcpy(), memmove(), and memset() con-
     form to ANSI X3.159-1989 ("ANSI C").


     The bzero() and memccpy() functions appeared in 4.3BSD. The bcmp() and
     bcopy() functions appeared in 4.2BSD.

MirOS BSD #10-current           April 19, 1991                               1

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