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BIO(3)                       OpenSSL                       BIO(3)


     bio - I/O abstraction


      #include <openssl/bio.h>



     A BIO is an I/O abstraction, it hides many of the underlying
     I/O details from an application. If an application uses a
     BIO for its I/O it can transparently handle SSL connections,
     unencrypted network connections and file I/O.

     There are two type of BIO, a source/sink BIO and a filter

     As its name implies a source/sink BIO is a source and/or
     sink of data, examples include a socket BIO and a file BIO.

     A filter BIO takes data from one BIO and passes it through
     to another, or the application. The data may be left unmodi-
     fied (for example a message digest BIO) or translated (for
     example an encryption BIO). The effect of a filter BIO may
     change according to the I/O operation it is performing: for
     example an encryption BIO will encrypt data if it is being
     written to and decrypt data if it is being read from.

     BIOs can be joined together to form a chain (a single BIO is
     a chain with one component). A chain normally consist of one
     source/sink BIO and one or more filter BIOs. Data read from
     or written to the first BIO then traverses the chain to the
     end (normally a source/sink BIO).


     BIO_ctrl(3), BIO_f_base64(3), BIO_f_buffer(3),
     BIO_f_cipher(3), BIO_f_md(3), BIO_f_null(3), BIO_f_ssl(3),
     BIO_find_type(3), BIO_new(3), BIO_new_bio_pair(3),
     BIO_push(3), BIO_read(3), BIO_s_accept(3), BIO_s_bio(3),
     BIO_s_connect(3), BIO_s_fd(3), BIO_s_file(3), BIO_s_mem(3),
     BIO_s_null(3), BIO_s_socket(3), BIO_set_callback(3),

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