MirOS Manual: XvSelectVideoNotify(3)

XvSelectVideoNotify(3UNIX Programmer's ManXvSelectVideoNotify(3X)


     XvSelectVideoNotify - enable or disable VideoNotify events


     #include <X11/extensions/Xvlib.h>

     XvSelectVideoNotify(dpy, drawable, onoff)

     register Display *dpy;
     Drawable drawable;
     Bool onoff;


     dpy            Specifies the display screen on which the Xv
                    Server is to accept requests from Xv clients.
                    If the display option is not specified, Xv
                    uses the display screen specified by your
                    DISPLAY environment variable.  The display
                    option has the format hostname:number.  Using
                    two colons (::) instead of one (:) indicates
                    that DECnet is to be used for transport.

     drawable       Defines the drawable in which video activity
                    is to be reported.

     onoff          Selects whether video notification is enabled
                    or disabled.


     XvSelectVideoNotify(3X) enables or disables events to be
     reported for video activity in a drawable.

Returned Values

             Returned if XvSelectVideoNotify(3X) completed suc-

             Returned if the Xv extension is unavailable.

             Returned if XvSelectVideoNotify(3X) failed to allo-
             cate memory to process the request.

             Generated if the requested drawable does not exist.

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