MirBSD manpage: XvQueryExtension(3)

XvQueryExtension(3X)UNIX Programmer's Manual XvQueryExtension(3X)


     XvQueryExtension - return version and release of extension


     #include <X11/extensions/Xvlib.h>

     XvQueryExtension(dpy, p_version, p_release,
          p_request_base, p_event_base, p_error_base)

     Display *dpy;
     unsigned int *p_version, *p_release;
     unsigned int *p_request_base, *p_event_base, *p_error_base;


     p_version      Pointer to where the current version number
                    of the Xv video extension is written.

     p_release      Pointer to where the release number of the Xv
                    video extension is written.

     p_request_base Pointer to where the extension major request
                    number is returned

     p_event_base   Pointer to where the extension event base is

     p_error_base   Pointer to where the extension error base is


     XvQueryExtension(3X) returns the version and release numbers
     for the Xv video extension currently loaded on the system.
     The extension major request number, event base, and error
     base are also returned.

Returned Values

             Returned if XvQueryExtension(3X) completed success-

             Returned if the Xv video extension is not available
             for the named display.

             Returned if XvQueryExtension(3X) failed to allocate
             memory to process the request.

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

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