MirBSD manpage: XmbDrawText(3), Xutf8DrawText(3), XwcDrawText(3)

XmbDrawText(3X11)        XLIB FUNCTIONS         XmbDrawText(3X11)


     XmbDrawText, XwcDrawText, Xutf8DrawText - draw text using
     multiple font sets


     void XmbDrawText(Display *display, Drawable d, GC gc, int x,
          int y, XmbTextItem *items, int nitems);

     void XwcDrawText(Display *display, Drawable d, GC gc, int x,
          int y, XwcTextItem *items, int nitems);

     void Xutf8DrawText(Display *display, Drawable d, GC gc, int
          x, int y, XmbTextItem *items, int nitems);


     d         Specifies the drawable.

     display   Specifies the connection to the X server.

     gc        Specifies the GC.

     items     Specifies an array of text items.

     nitems    Specifies the number of text items in the array.

     y         Specify the x and y coordinates.


     The XmbDrawText, XwcDrawText and Xutf8DrawText functions
     allow complex spacing and font set shifts between text
     strings. Each text item is processed in turn, with the ori-
     gin of a text element advanced in the primary draw direction
     by the escapement of the previous text item. A text item
     delta specifies an additional escapement of the text item
     drawing origin in the primary draw direction. A font_set
     member other than None in an item causes the font set to be
     used for this and subsequent text items in the text_items
     list. Leading text items with a font_set member set to None
     will not be drawn.

     XmbDrawText, XwcDrawText and Xutf8DrawText do not perform
     any context-dependent rendering between text segments.
     Clients may compute the drawing metrics by passing each text
     segment to XmbTextExtents, XwcTextExtents, Xutf8TextExtents
     or XmbTextPerCharExtents, XwcTextPerCharExtents.
     Xutf8TextPerCharExtents. When the XFontSet has missing char-
     sets, each unavailable character is drawn with the default
     string returned by XCreateFontSet. The behavior for an
     invalid codepoint is undefined.

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

XmbDrawText(3X11)        XLIB FUNCTIONS         XmbDrawText(3X11)

     The function Xutf8DrawText is an XFree86 extension intro-
     duced in XFree86 4.0.2. Its presence is indicated by the
     macro X_HAVE_UTF8_STRING.


     The XmbTextItem structure contains:
     typedef struct {
          char *chars;        /* pointer to string */
          int nchars;         /* number of bytes */
          int delta;          /* pixel delta between strings */
          XFontSet font_set;  /* fonts, None means don't change */
     } XmbTextItem;
The XwcTextItem structure contains:
typedef struct {
     wchar_t *chars;     /* pointer to wide char string */
     int nchars;         /* number of wide characters */
     int delta;          /* pixel delta between strings */
     XFontSet font_set;  /* fonts, None means don't change */
} XwcTextItem;


     XDrawImageString(3X11), XDrawString(3X11), XDrawText(3X11),
     XmbDrawImageString(3X11), XmbDrawString(3X11)
     Xlib - C Language X Interface

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         2

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