MirBSD manpage: XtCreateApplicationContext(3), XtDestroyApplicationContext(3), XtToolkitInitialize(3), XtWidgetToApplicationContext(3)



     XtCreateApplicationContext, XtDestroyApplicationContext,
     XtWidgetToApplicationContext, XtToolkitInitialize - create,
     destroy, and obtain an application context


     XtAppContext XtCreateApplicationContext(void);

     void XtDestroyApplicationContext(XtAppContext app_context);

     XtAppContext XtWidgetToApplicationContext(Widget w);

     void XtToolkitInitialize(void);


               Specifies the application context.

     w         Specifies the widget .


     The XtCreateApplicationContext function returns an applica-
     tion context, which is an opaque type. Every application
     must have at least one application context.

     The XtDestroyApplicationContext function destroys the speci-
     fied application context as soon as it is safe to do so. If
     called from with an event dispatch (for example, a callback
     procedure), XtDestroyApplicationContext does not destroy the
     application context until the dispatch is complete.

     The XtWidgetToApplicationContext function returns the appli-
     cation context for the specified widget.

     The XtToolkitInitialize function initializes the Intrinsics
     internals. If XtToolkitInitialize was previously called it
     returns immediately.


     X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
     Xlib - C Language X Interface

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

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