MirOS Manual: XtAppError(3), XtAppSetErrorHandler(3), XtAppSetWarningHandler(3), XtAppWarning(3)

XtAppError(3Xt)           XT FUNCTIONS            XtAppError(3Xt)


     XtAppError, XtAppSetErrorHandler, XtAppSetWarningHandler,
     XtAppWarning - low-level error handlers


     void XtAppError(XtAppContext app_context, String message);

     void XtAppSetErrorHandler(XtAppContext app_context, XtEr-
          rorHandler handler);

     void XtAppSetWarningHandler(XtAppContext app_context, XtEr-
          rorHandler handler);

     void XtAppWarning(XtAppContext app_context, String message);


               Specifies the application context.

     message   Specifies the nonfatal error message that is to be
               reported. or the nonfatal error procedure, which
               usually returns

     handler   Specifies the new fatal error procedure, which
               should not return,.

     message   Specifies the message that is to be reported.


     The XtAppError function calls the installed error procedure
     and passes the specified message.

     The XtAppSetErrorHandler function registers the specified
     procedure, which is called when a fatal error condition

     The XtAppSetWarningHandler registers the specified pro-
     cedure, which is called when a nonfatal error condition

     The XtAppWarning function calls the installed nonfatal error
     procedure and passes the specified message.


     XtAppGetErrorDatabase(3Xt), XtAppErrorMsg(3Xt)
     X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
     Xlib - C Language X Interface

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

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