MirBSD manpage: Xau(3), XauDisposeAuth(3), XauFileName(3), XauGetAuthByAddr(3), XauGetBestAuthByAddr(3), XauLockAuth(3), XauReadAuth(3), XauUnlockAuth(3), XauWriteAuth(3)

Xau(3)              UNIX Programmer's Manual               Xau(3)


     Xau library: XauFileName, XauReadAuth, XauLockAuth, XauUn-
     lockAuth, XauWriteAuth, XauDisposeAuth, XauGetAuthByAddr,
     XauGetBestAuthByAddr - X authority database routines


     #include <X11/Xauth.h>

     typedef struct xauth {
          unsigned short family;
          unsigned short address_length;
          char           *address;
          unsigned short number_length;
          char           *number;
          unsigned short name_length;
          char           *name;
          unsigned short data_length;
          char           *data;
     } Xauth;

     char *XauFileName (void);

     Xauth *XauReadAuth (FILE *auth_file);

     int XauWriteAuth (FILE *auth_file, Xauth *auth);

     Xauth *XauGetAuthByAddr (unsigned short family, unsigned short
          address_length, char *address, unsigned short
          number_length, char *number);

     Xauth *XauGetBestAuthByAddr (unsigned short family, unsigned short
          address_length, char *address, unsigned short
          number_length, char *number, int types_length, char
          **types, int *type_lengths);

     int XauLockAuth (char *file_name, int retries, int
          timeout, long dead);

     int XauUnlockAuth (char *file_name);

     int XauDisposeAuth (Xauth *auth);


     XauFileName generates the default authorization file name by
     first checking the XAUTHORITY environment variable if set,
     else it returns $HOME/.Xauthority.  This name is statically
     allocated and should not be freed.

     XauReadAuth reads the next entry from auth_file.  The entry
     is not statically allocated and should be freed by calling

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

Xau(3)              UNIX Programmer's Manual               Xau(3)

     XauWriteAuth writes an authorization entry to auth_file.  It
     returns 1 on success, 0 on failure.

     XauGetAuthByAddr searches for an entry which matches the
     given network address/display number pair.  The entry is not
     statically allocated and should be freed by calling Xau-

     XauGetBestAuthByAddr is similar to XauGetAuthByAddr, except
     that a list of acceptable authentication methods is speci-
     fied.  Xau will choose the file entry which matches the ear-
     liest entry in this list (e.g., the most secure authentica-
     tion method).  The types argument is an array of strings,
     one string for each authentication method.  types_length
     specifies how many elements are in the types array.
     types_lengths is an array of integers representing the
     length of each string.

     XauLockAuth does the work necessary to synchronously update
     an authorization file.  First it makes two file names, one
     with ``-c'' appended to file_name, the other with ``-l''
     appended.  If the ``-c'' file already exists and is more
     than dead seconds old, XauLockAuth removes it and the asso-
     ciated ``-l'' file.  To prevent possible synchronization
     troubles with NFS, a dead value of zero forces the files to
     be removed.  XauLockAuth makes retries attempts to create
     and link the file names, pausing timeout seconds between
     each attempt.  XauLockAuth returns a collection of values
     depending on the results:

          LOCK_ERROR     A system error occurred, either a file_name
                         which is too long, or an unexpected failure from
                         a system call.  errno may prove useful.

          LOCK_TIMEOUT   retries attempts failed

          LOCK_SUCCESS   The lock succeeded.

     XauUnlockAuth undoes the work of XauLockAuth by unlinking
     both the ``-c'' and ``-l'' file names.

     XauDisposeAuth frees storage allocated to hold an authoriza-
     tion entry.


     xauth(1), xdm(1)


     Keith Packard, MIT X Consortium

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         2

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