MirBSD manpage: XIntersectRegion(3), XOffsetRegion(3), XShrinkRegion(3), XSubtractRegion(3), XUnionRectWithRegion(3), XUnionRegion(3), XXorRegion(3)

XIntersectRegion(3X11)   XLIB FUNCTIONS    XIntersectRegion(3X11)


     XIntersectRegion, XUnionRegion, XUnionRectWithRegion, XSub-
     tractRegion, XXorRegion, XOffsetRegion, XShrinkRegion -
     region arithmetic


     int XIntersectRegion(Region sra, Region srb, Region

     int XUnionRegion(Region sra, Region srb, Region dr_return);

     int XUnionRectWithRegion(XRectangle *rectangle, Region
          src_region, Region dest_region_return);

     int XSubtractRegion(Region sra, Region srb, Region

     int XXorRegion(Region sra, Region srb, Region dr_return);

     int XOffsetRegion(Region r, int dx, int dy);

     int XShrinkRegion(Region r, int dx, int dy);


               Returns the destination region.

     dr_return Returns the result of the computation. ds Dy move
               or shrink

     dy        Specify the x and y coordinates, which define the
               amount you want to  the specified region.

     r         Specifies the region.

     rectangle Specifies the rectangle.

     srb       Specify the two regions with which you want to
               perform the computation.

               Specifies the source region to be used.


     The XIntersectRegion function computes the intersection of
     two regions.

     The XUnionRegion function computes the union of two regions.

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

XIntersectRegion(3X11)   XLIB FUNCTIONS    XIntersectRegion(3X11)

     The XUnionRectWithRegion function updates the destination
     region from a union of the specified rectangle and the
     specified source region.

     The XSubtractRegion function subtracts srb from sra and
     stores the results in dr_return.

     The XXorRegion function calculates the difference between
     the union and intersection of two regions.

     The XOffsetRegion function moves the specified region by a
     specified amount.

     The XShrinkRegion function reduces the specified region by a
     specified amount. Positive values shrink the size of the
     region, and negative values expand the region.


     XCreateRegion(3X11), XDrawRectangle(3X11),
     Xlib - C Language X Interface

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         2

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