MirBSD manpage: XSetDashes(3), XSetLineAttributes(3)

XSetLineAttributes(3X11) XLIB FUNCTIONS  XSetLineAttributes(3X11)


     XSetLineAttributes, XSetDashes - GC convenience routines


     int XSetLineAttributes(Display *display, GC gc, unsigned int
          line_width, int line_style, int cap_style, int

     int XSetDashes(Display *display, GC gc, int dash_offset,
          char dash_list[], int n);


     cap_style Specifies the line-style and cap-style you want to
               set for the specified GC. You can pass CapNotLast,
               CapButt, CapRound, or CapProjecting.

     dash_list Specifies the dash-list for the dashed line-style
               you want to set for the specified GC.

               Specifies the phase of the pattern for the dashed
               line-style you want to set for the specified GC.

     display   Specifies the connection to the X server.

     gc        Specifies the GC.

               Specifies the line join-style you want to set for
               the specified GC. You can pass JoinMiter, Join-
               Round, or JoinBevel.

               Specifies the line-style you want to set for the
               specified GC. You can pass LineSolid, LineOnOff-
               Dash, or LineDoubleDash.

               Specifies the line-width you want to set for the
               specified GC.

     n         Specifies the number of elements in dash_list.


     The XSetLineAttributes function sets the line drawing com-
     ponents in the specified GC.

     XSetLineAttributes can generate BadAlloc, BadGC, and Bad-
     Value errors.

     The XSetDashes function sets the dash-offset and dash-list
     attributes for dashed line styles in the specified GC. There

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

XSetLineAttributes(3X11) XLIB FUNCTIONS  XSetLineAttributes(3X11)

     must be at least one element in the specified dash_list, or
     a BadValue error results. The initial and alternating ele-
     ments (second, fourth, and so on) of the dash_list are the
     even dashes, and the others are the odd dashes. Each element
     specifies a dash length in pixels. All of the elements must
     be nonzero, or a BadValue error results. Specifying an odd-
     length list is equivalent to specifying the same list con-
     catenated with itself to produce an even-length list.

     The dash-offset defines the phase of the pattern, specifying
     how many pixels into the dash-list the pattern should actu-
     ally begin in any single graphics request. Dashing is con-
     tinuous through path elements combined with a join-style but
     is reset to the dash-offset between each sequence of joined

     The unit of measure for dashes is the same for the ordinary
     coordinate system. Ideally, a dash length is measured along
     the slope of the line, but implementations are only required
     to match this ideal for horizontal and vertical lines. Fail-
     ing the ideal semantics, it is suggested that the length be
     measured along the major axis of the line. The major axis is
     defined as the x axis for lines drawn at an angle of between
     -45 and +45 degrees or between 135 and 225 degrees from the
     x axis. For all other lines, the major axis is the y axis.

     XSetDashes can generate BadAlloc, BadGC, and BadValue


     BadAlloc  The server failed to allocate the requested
               resource or server memory.

     BadGC     A value for a GContext argument does not name a
               defined GContext.

     BadValue  Some numeric value falls outside the range of
               values accepted by the request. Unless a specific
               range is specified for an argument, the full range
               defined by the argument's type is accepted.  Any
               argument defined as a set of alternatives can gen-
               erate this error.


     XCreateGC(3X11), XQueryBestSize(3X11), XSetArcMode(3X11),
     XSetClipOrigin(3X11), XSetFillStyle(3X11), XSetFont(3X11),
     XSetState(3X11), XSetTile(3X11)
     Xlib - C Language X Interface

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         2

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