MirBSD manpage: XGravityEvent(3)

XGravityEvent(3X11)      XLIB FUNCTIONS       XGravityEvent(3X11)


     XGravityEvent - GravityNotify event structure


     The structure for GravityNotify events contains:

     typedef struct {
          int type;                /* GravityNotify */
          unsigned long serial;    /* # of last request processed by server */
          Bool send_event;         /* true if this came from a SendEvent request */
          Display *display;        /* Display the event was read from */
          Window event;
          Window window;
          int x, y;
     } XGravityEvent;

     When you receive this event, the structure members are set
     as follows.

     The type member is set to the event type constant name that
     uniquely identifies it. For example, when the X server
     reports a GraphicsExpose event to a client application, it
     sends an XGraphicsExposeEvent structure with the type member
     set to GraphicsExpose. The display member is set to a
     pointer to the display the event was read on. The send_event
     member is set to True if the event came from a SendEvent
     protocol request. The serial member is set from the serial
     number reported in the protocol but expanded from the 16-bit
     least-significant bits to a full 32-bit value. The window
     member is set to the window that is most useful to toolkit

     The event member is set either to the window that was moved
     or to its parent, depending on whether StructureNotify or
     SubstructureNotify was selected. The window member is set to
     the child window that was moved. The x and y members are set
     to the coordinates relative to the new parent window's ori-
     gin and indicate the position of the upper-left outside
     corner of the window.


     XAnyEvent(3X11), XButtonEvent(3X11),
     XCreateWindowEvent(3X11), XCirculateEvent(3X11),
     XCirculateRequestEvent(3X11), XColormapEvent(3X11),
     XConfigureEvent(3X11), XConfigureRequestEvent(3X11),
     XCrossingEvent(3X11), XDestroyWindowEvent(3X11),
     XErrorEvent(3X11), XExposeEvent(3X11),
     XFocusChangeEvent(3X11), XGraphicsExposeEvent(3X11),
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     XPropertyEvent(3X11), XReparentEvent(3X11),
     XResizeRequestEvent(3X11), XSelectionClearEvent(3X11),
     XSelectionEvent(3X11), XSelectionRequestEvent(3X11),

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

XGravityEvent(3X11)      XLIB FUNCTIONS       XGravityEvent(3X11)

     XUnmapEvent(3X11), XVisibilityEvent(3X11)
     Xlib - C Language X Interface

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         2

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