MirBSD manpage: XCloseIM(3), XDisplayOfIM(3), XGetIMValues(3), XLocaleOfIM(3), XOpenIM(3), XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback(3), XSetIMValues(3), XUnregisterIMInstantiateCallback(3)

XOpenIM(3X11)            XLIB FUNCTIONS             XOpenIM(3X11)


     XOpenIM, XCloseIM, XSetIMValues, XGetIMValues, XDisplayOfIM,
     XLocaleOfIM, XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback, XUnregisterIM-
     InstantiateCallback - open, close, and otain input method


     XIM XOpenIM(Display *display, XrmDatabase db, char
          *res_name, char *res_class);

     Status XCloseIM(XIM im);

     char *XSetIMValues(XIM im, ...);

     char *XGetIMValues(XIM im, ...);

     Display *XDisplayOfIM(XIM im);

     char *XLocaleOfIM(XIM im);

     Bool XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback(Display *display, XrmDa-
          tabase db, char *res_name, char *res_class, XIMProc
          callback, XPointer *client_data);

     Bool XUnregisterIMInstantiateCallback(Display *display,
          XrmDatabase db, char *res_name, char *res_class,
          XIMProc  callback, XPointer *client_data);


     callback  Specifies a pointer to the input method instan-
               tiate callback.

               Specifies the additional client data.

     db        Specifies a pointer to the resource database.

     display   Specifies the connection to the X server.

     im        Specifies the input method.

     res_class Specifies the full class name of the application.

     res_name  Specifies the full resource name of the applica-

     ...       Specifies the variable length argument list to set
               or get XIM values.


     The XOpenIM function opens an input method, matching the
     current locale and modifiers specification. Current locale

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

XOpenIM(3X11)            XLIB FUNCTIONS             XOpenIM(3X11)

     and modifiers are bound to the input method at opening time.
     The locale associated with an input method cannot be changed
     dynamically. This implies that the strings returned by
     XmbLookupString or XwcLookupString, for any input context
     affiliated with a given input method will be encoded in the
     locale current at the time the input method is opened.

     The specific input method to which this call will be routed
     is identified on the basis of the current locale. XOpenIM
     will identify a default input method corresponding to the
     current locale. That default can be modified using XSetLo-
     caleModifiers for the input method modifier.

     The db argument is the resource database to be used by the
     input method for looking up resources that are private to
     the input method. It is not intended that this database be
     used to look up values that can be set as IC values in an
     input context. If db is NULL, no database is passed to the
     input method.

     The res_name and res_class arguments specify the resource
     name and class of the application. They are intended to be
     used as prefixes by the input method when looking up
     resources that are common to all input contexts that may be
     created for this input method. The characters used for
     resource names and classes must be in the X Portable Charac-
     ter Set. The resources looked up are not fully specified if
     res_name or res_class is NULL.

     The res_name and res_class arguments are not assumed to
     exist beyond the call to XOpenIM. The specified resource
     database is assumed to exist for the lifetime of the input

     XOpenIM returns NULL if no input method could be opened.

     The XCloseIM function closes the specified input method.

     The XSetIMValues function presents a variable argument list
     programming interface for setting attributes of the speci-
     fied input method. It returns NULL if it succeeds; other-
     wise, it returns the name of the first argument that could
     not be set. Xlib does not attempt to set arguments from the
     supplied list that follow the failed argument; all arguments
     in the list preceding the failed argument have been set

     The XGetIMValues function presents a variable argument list
     programming interface for querying properties or features of
     the specified input method. This function returns NULL if it
     succeeds; otherwise, it returns the name of the first argu-
     ment that could not be obtained.

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         2

XOpenIM(3X11)            XLIB FUNCTIONS             XOpenIM(3X11)

     Each XIM value argument (following a name) must point to a
     location where the XIM value is to be stored. That is, if
     the XIM value is of type T, the argument must be of type T*.
     If T itself is a pointer type, then XGetIMValues allocates
     memory to store the actual data, and the client is responsi-
     ble for freeing this data by calling XFree with the returned

     The XDisplayOfIM function returns the display associated
     with the specified input method.

     The XLocaleOfIM function returns the locale associated with
     the specified input method.

     The XRegisterIMInstantiateCallback function registers a
     callback to be invoked whenever a new input method becomes
     available for the specified display that matches the current
     locale and modifiers.

     The function returns True
      if it succeeds; otherwise, it returns False.

     The XUnregisterIMInstantiateCallback function removes an
     input method instantiation callback previously registered.
     The function returns True if it succeeds; otherwise, it
     returns False.


     XCreateIC(3X11), XSetICFocus(3X11), XSetICValues(3X11),
     Xlib - C Language X Interface

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         3

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