MirBSD manpage: XChangeGC(3), XCopyGC(3), XCreateGC(3), XFreeGC(3), XGContextFromGC(3), XGCValues(3), XGetGCValues(3)

XCreateGC(3X11)          XLIB FUNCTIONS           XCreateGC(3X11)


     XCreateGC, XCopyGC, XChangeGC, XGetGCValues, XFreeGC, XGCon-
     textFromGC, XGCValues - create or free graphics contexts and
     graphics context structure


     GC XCreateGC(Display *display, Drawable d, unsigned long
          valuemask, XGCValues *values);

     int XCopyGC(Display *display, GC src, GC dest, unsigned long

     int XChangeGC(Display *display, GC gc, unsigned long
          valuemask, XGCValues *values);

     Status XGetGCValues(Display *display, GC gc, unsigned long
          valuemask, XGCValues *values_return);

     int XFreeGC(Display *display, GC gc);

     GContext XGContextFromGC(GC gc);


     d         Specifies the drawable.

     dest      Specifies the destination GC.

     display   Specifies the connection to the X server.

     gc        Specifies the GC.

     src       Specifies the components of the source GC.

     valuemask Specifies which components in the GC are to be
               set, copied, changed, or returned . This argument
               is the bitwise inclusive OR of zero or more of the
               valid GC component mask bits.

     values    Specifies any values as specified by the

               Returns the GC values in the specified XGCValues


     The XCreateGC function creates a graphics context and
     returns a GC. The GC can be used with any destination draw-
     able having the same root and depth as the specified draw-
     able. Use with other drawables results in a BadMatch error.

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

XCreateGC(3X11)          XLIB FUNCTIONS           XCreateGC(3X11)

     XCreateGC can generate BadAlloc, BadDrawable, BadFont, Bad-
     Match, BadPixmap, and BadValue errors.

     The XCopyGC function copies the specified components from
     the source GC to the destination GC. The source and destina-
     tion GCs must have the same root and depth, or a BadMatch
     error results. The valuemask specifies which component to
     copy, as for XCreateGC.

     XCopyGC can generate BadAlloc, BadGC, and BadMatch errors.

     The XChangeGC function changes the components specified by
     valuemask for the specified GC. The values argument contains
     the values to be set. The values and restrictions are the
     same as for XCreateGC. Changing the clip-mask overrides any
     previous XSetClipRectangles request on the context. Changing
     the dash-offset or dash-list overrides any previous XSet-
     Dashes request on the context. The order in which components
     are verified and altered is server dependent. If an error is
     generated, a subset of the components may have been altered.

     XChangeGC can generate BadAlloc, BadFont, BadGC, BadMatch,
     BadPixmap, and BadValue errors.

     The XGetGCValues function returns the components specified
     by valuemask for the specified GC. If the valuemask contains
     a valid set of GC mask bits (GCFunction, GCPlaneMask,
     GCForeground, GCBackground, GCLineWidth, GCLineStyle,
     GCCapStyle, GCJoinStyle, GCFillStyle, GCFillRule, GCTile,
     GCStipple, GCTileStipXOrigin, GCTileStipYOrigin, GCFont,
     GCSubwindowMode, GCGraphicsExposures, GCClipXOrigin, GCCLi-
     pYOrigin, GCDashOffset, or GCArcMode) and no error occurs,
     XGetGCValues sets the requested components in values_return
     and returns a nonzero status. Otherwise, it returns a zero
     status. Note that the clip-mask and dash-list (represented
     by the GCClipMask and GCDashList bits, respectively, in the
     valuemask) cannot be requested. Also note that an invalid
     resource ID (with one or more of the three most significant
     bits set to 1) will be returned for GCFont, GCTile, and
     GCStipple if the component has never been explicitly set by
     the client.

     The XFreeGC function destroys the specified GC as well as
     all the associated storage.

     XFreeGC can generate a BadGC error.


     The XGCValues structure contains:

     /* GC attribute value mask bits */

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         2

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