MirBSD manpage: SSL_get_time(3), SSL_get_timeout(3), SSL_SESSION_get_time(3), SSL_SESSION_get_timeout(3), SSL_SESSION_set_time(3), SSL_SESSION_set_timeout(3), SSL_set_time(3), SSL_set_timeout(3)



     SSL_SESSION_get_time, SSL_SESSION_set_time,
     SSL_SESSION_get_timeout, SSL_SESSION_get_timeout - retrieve
     and manipulate session time and timeout settings


      #include <openssl/ssl.h>

      long SSL_SESSION_get_time(const SSL_SESSION *s);
      long SSL_SESSION_set_time(SSL_SESSION *s, long tm);
      long SSL_SESSION_get_timeout(const SSL_SESSION *s);
      long SSL_SESSION_set_timeout(SSL_SESSION *s, long tm);

      long SSL_get_time(const SSL_SESSION *s);
      long SSL_set_time(SSL_SESSION *s, long tm);
      long SSL_get_timeout(const SSL_SESSION *s);
      long SSL_set_timeout(SSL_SESSION *s, long tm);


     SSL_SESSION_get_time() returns the time at which the session
     s was established. The time is given in seconds since the
     Epoch and therefore compatible to the time delivered by the
     time() call.

     SSL_SESSION_set_time() replaces the creation time of the
     session s with the chosen value tm.

     SSL_SESSION_get_timeout() returns the timeout value set for
     session s in seconds.

     SSL_SESSION_set_timeout() sets the timeout value for session
     s in seconds to tm.

     The SSL_get_time(), SSL_set_time(), SSL_get_timeout(), and
     SSL_set_timeout() functions are synonyms for the
     SSL_SESSION_*() counterparts.


     Sessions are expired by examining the creation time and the
     timeout value. Both are set at creation time of the session
     to the actual time and the default timeout value at crea-
     tion, respectively, as set by SSL_CTX_set_timeout(3). Using
     these functions it is possible to extend or shorten the
     lifetime of the session.


     SSL_SESSION_get_time() and SSL_SESSION_get_timeout() return
     the currently valid values.

     SSL_SESSION_set_time() and SSL_SESSION_set_timeout() return
     1 on success.

MirBSD #10-current         2005-04-29                           1


     If any of the function is passed the NULL pointer for the
     session s, 0 is returned.


     ssl(3), SSL_CTX_set_timeout(3), SSL_get_default_timeout(3)

MirBSD #10-current         2005-04-29                           2

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