MirBSD manpage: SSL_set_session(3)

SSL_SET_SESSION(3)           OpenSSL           SSL_SET_SESSION(3)


     SSL_set_session - set a TLS/SSL session to be used during
     TLS/SSL connect


      #include <openssl/ssl.h>

      int SSL_set_session(SSL *ssl, SSL_SESSION *session);


     SSL_set_session() sets session to be used when the TLS/SSL
     connection is to be established. SSL_set_session() is only
     useful for TLS/SSL clients. When the session is set, the
     reference count of session is incremented by 1. If the ses-
     sion is not reused, the reference count is decremented again
     during SSL_connect(). Whether the session was reused can be
     queried with the SSL_session_reused(3) call.

     If there is already a session set inside ssl (because it was
     set with SSL_set_session() before or because the same ssl
     was already used for a connection), SSL_SESSION_free() will
     be called for that session.


     SSL_SESSION objects keep internal link information about the
     session cache list, when being inserted into one SSL_CTX
     object's session cache. One SSL_SESSION object, regardless
     of its reference count, must therefore only be used with one
     SSL_CTX object (and the SSL objects created from this
     SSL_CTX object).


     The following return values can occur:

     0   The operation failed; check the error stack to find out
         the reason.

     1   The operation succeeded.


     ssl(3), SSL_SESSION_free(3), SSL_get_session(3),
     SSL_session_reused(3), SSL_CTX_set_session_cache_mode(3)

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