MirBSD manpage: SSL_CTX_get_mode(3), SSL_CTX_set_mode(3), SSL_get_mode(3), SSL_set_mode(3)

SSL_CTX_SET_MODE(3)          OpenSSL          SSL_CTX_SET_MODE(3)


     SSL_CTX_set_mode, SSL_set_mode, SSL_CTX_get_mode,
     SSL_get_mode - manipulate SSL engine mode


      #include <openssl/ssl.h>

      long SSL_CTX_set_mode(SSL_CTX *ctx, long mode);
      long SSL_set_mode(SSL *ssl, long mode);

      long SSL_CTX_get_mode(SSL_CTX *ctx);
      long SSL_get_mode(SSL *ssl);


     SSL_CTX_set_mode() adds the mode set via bitmask in mode to
     ctx. Options already set before are not cleared.

     SSL_set_mode() adds the mode set via bitmask in mode to ssl.
     Options already set before are not cleared.

     SSL_CTX_get_mode() returns the mode set for ctx.

     SSL_get_mode() returns the mode set for ssl.


     The following mode changes are available:

         Allow SSL_write(..., n) to return r with 0 < r < n (i.e.
         report success when just a single record has been writ-
         ten). When not set (the default), SSL_write() will only
         report success once the complete chunk was written. Once
         SSL_write() returns with r, r bytes have been success-
         fully written and the next call to SSL_write() must only
         send the n-r bytes left, imitating the behaviour of

         Make it possible to retry SSL_write() with changed
         buffer location (the buffer contents must stay the
         same). This is not the default to avoid the misconcep-
         tion that non-blocking SSL_write() behaves like non-
         blocking write().

         Never bother the application with retries if the tran-
         sport is blocking. If a renegotiation take place during
         normal operation, a SSL_read(3) or SSL_write(3) would
         return with -1 and indicate the need to retry with
         SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ. In a non-blocking environment
         applications must be prepared to handle incomplete
         read/write operations. In a blocking environment,

MirBSD #10-current         2005-02-05                           1

SSL_CTX_SET_MODE(3)          OpenSSL          SSL_CTX_SET_MODE(3)

         applications are not always prepared to deal with
         read/write operations returning without success report.
         The flag SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY will cause read/write
         operations to only return after the handshake and suc-
         cessful completion.


     SSL_CTX_set_mode() and SSL_set_mode() return the new mode
     bitmask after adding mode.

     SSL_CTX_get_mode() and SSL_get_mode() return the current


     ssl(3), SSL_read(3), SSL_write(3)


     SSL_MODE_AUTO_RETRY as been added in OpenSSL 0.9.6.

MirBSD #10-current         2005-02-05                           2

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