MirBSD manpage: PKCS12_parse(3)

PKCS12_PARSE(3)              OpenSSL              PKCS12_PARSE(3)


     PKCS12_parse - parse a PKCS#12 structure


      #include <openssl/pkcs12.h>

     int PKCS12_parse(PKCS12 *p12, const char *pass, EVP_PKEY
     **pkey, X509 **cert, STACK_OF(X509) **ca);


     PKCS12_parse() parses a PKCS12 structure.

     p12 is the PKCS12 structure to parse. pass is the passphrase
     to use. If successful the private key will be written to
     *pkey, the corresponding certificate to *cert and any addi-
     tional certificates to *ca.


     The parameters pkey and cert cannot be NULL. ca can be
     <NULL> in which case additional certificates will be dis-
     carded. *ca can also be a valid STACK in which case addi-
     tional certificates are appended to *ca. If *ca is NULL a
     new STACK will be allocated.

     The friendlyName and localKeyID attributes (if present) on
     each certificate will be stored in the alias and keyid
     attributes of the X509 structure.


     Only a single private key and corresponding certificate is
     returned by this function. More complex PKCS#12 files with
     multiple private keys will only return the first match.

     Only friendlyName and localKeyID attributes are currently
     stored in certificates. Other attributes are discarded.

     Attributes currently cannot be store in the private key
     EVP_PKEY structure.




     PKCS12_parse was added in OpenSSL 0.9.3

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