MirOS Manual: ERR_add_error_data(3), ERR_put_error(3)

ERR_PUT_ERROR(3)             OpenSSL             ERR_PUT_ERROR(3)


     ERR_put_error, ERR_add_error_data - record an error


      #include <openssl/err.h>

      void ERR_put_error(int lib, int func, int reason, const char *file,
              int line);

      void ERR_add_error_data(int num, ...);


     ERR_put_error() adds an error code to the thread's error
     queue. It signals that the error of reason code reason
     occurred in function func of library lib, in line number
     line of file. This function is usually called by a macro.

     ERR_add_error_data() associates the concatenation of its num
     string arguments with the error code added last.

     ERR_load_strings(3) can be used to register error strings so
     that the application can a generate human-readable error
     messages for the error code.


     ERR_put_error() and ERR_add_error_data() return no values.


     err(3), ERR_load_strings(3)


     ERR_put_error() is available in all versions of SSLeay and
     OpenSSL. ERR_add_error_data() was added in SSLeay 0.9.0.

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