MirBSD manpage: DMXGetScreenCount(3)

DMXGetScreenCount(3X)UNIX Programmer's ManuaDMXGetScreenCount(3X)


     DMXGetScreenCount - determine number of back-end screens


     #include <X11/extensions/dmxext.h>

     Bool DMXGetScreenCount(Display *dpy,
                            int *screen_count);


     DMXGetScreenCount() returns the number of back-end screens
     that a Xdmx(1) server controls.  Since a DMX screen usually
     fills all of the available area on a back-end server, there
     is usually a one-to-one correspondence between DMX screens
     and backend servers.  However, it is also possible for a DMX
     screen to cover only part of the available area on a back-
     end server, and for more than one DMX screens to occupy dif-
     ferent parts of the visible area on the same back-end

     A DMX screen may be managed as a regular X screen in the
     Xdmx(1) server or may be joined with other DMX screens using


     DMXGetScreenCount() sets screen_count and returns True
     unless there is a protocol error.


     If Xinerama is active, only one logical screen will be
     available to clients of the Xdmx(1) server.  However, this
     call will accurately reflect the number of composite back-
     end screens that the Xdmx(1) server is using.


     DMXGetScreenAttribtues(3X), DMXChangeScreenAttributes(3X),
     DMX(3X), Xdmx(1)

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

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