MirBSD manpage: DMXAddScreen(3)

DMXAddScreen(3X)    UNIX Programmer's Manual     DMXAddScreen(3X)


     DMXAddScreen - attach a new back-end screen


     #include <X11/extensions/dmxext.h>

     Bool DMXAddScreen(Display *dpy,
                       const char *displayName,
                       unsigned int mask,
                       DMXScreenAttributes *attr,
                       int *screen);


     DMXAddScreen() attaches a back-end screen to the Xdmx(1)
     server, in place of the previously detached back-end server
     specified by screen.

     displayName is the name of the new back-end display, mask
     specifies the field in attr that are active, and screen
     returns the new Xdmx(1) screen number for the attached

     The information stored in mask  and  attr is identical to
     that used by the DMXChangeScreenAttributes(3X) and
     DMXGetScreenAttribues(3X) functions.


     DMXAddScreen() will return True if the screen was success-
     fully attached, and False otherwise. False will be returned
     if the -addremovescreens command line option was not speci-
     fied on the Xdmx(1) command line, the input value of screen
     is out of range, screen is not currently detached, display-
     Name cannot be opened, has unexpected visuals, or has
     characteristics that do not match the previously detached

     DMXAddScreen() can generate BadLength, BadAlloc, and Bad-
     Value errors.


     Attributes that are not specified will default to 0.  This
     may lead to unintended results.

     Unlike other functions in the DMX(3X) API, this function
     uses screen for both input and output.


     DMXRemoveScreen(3X), DMXChangeScreenAttributes(3X),
     DMXGetScreenAttributes(3X), DMX(3X), Xdmx(1)

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

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