MirBSD manpage: BIO_f_buffer(3), BIO_get_buffer_num_lines(3), BIO_set_buffer_read_data(3), BIO_set_buffer_size(3), BIO_set_read_buffer_size(3), BIO_set_write_buffer_size(3)

BIO_F_BUFFER(3)              OpenSSL              BIO_F_BUFFER(3)


     BIO_f_buffer - buffering BIO


      #include <openssl/bio.h>

      BIO_METHOD * BIO_f_buffer(void);

      #define BIO_get_buffer_num_lines(b)    BIO_ctrl(b,BIO_C_GET_BUFF_NUM_LINES,0,NULL)
      #define BIO_set_read_buffer_size(b,size) BIO_int_ctrl(b,BIO_C_SET_BUFF_SIZE,size,0)
      #define BIO_set_write_buffer_size(b,size) BIO_int_ctrl(b,BIO_C_SET_BUFF_SIZE,size,1)
      #define BIO_set_buffer_size(b,size)    BIO_ctrl(b,BIO_C_SET_BUFF_SIZE,size,NULL)
      #define BIO_set_buffer_read_data(b,buf,num) BIO_ctrl(b,BIO_C_SET_BUFF_READ_DATA,num,buf)


     BIO_f_buffer() returns the buffering BIO method.

     Data written to a buffering BIO is buffered and periodically
     written to the next BIO in the chain. Data read from a
     buffering BIO comes from an internal buffer which is filled
     from the next BIO in the chain. Both BIO_gets() and
     BIO_puts() are supported.

     Calling BIO_reset() on a buffering BIO clears any buffered

     BIO_get_buffer_num_lines() returns the number of lines
     currently buffered.

     BIO_set_read_buffer_size(), BIO_set_write_buffer_size() and
     BIO_set_buffer_size() set the read, write or both read and
     write buffer sizes to size. The initial buffer size is
     DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE, currently 1024. Any attempt to reduce
     the buffer size below DEFAULT_BUFFER_SIZE is ignored. Any
     buffered data is cleared when the buffer is resized.

     BIO_set_buffer_read_data() clears the read buffer and fills
     it with num bytes of buf. If num is larger than the current
     buffer size the buffer is expanded.


     Buffering BIOs implement BIO_gets() by using BIO_read()
     operations on the next BIO in the chain. By prepending a
     buffering BIO to a chain it is therefore possible to provide
     BIO_gets() functionality if the following BIOs do not sup-
     port it (for example SSL BIOs).

     Data is only written to the next BIO in the chain when the
     write buffer fills or when BIO_flush() is called. It is
     therefore important to call BIO_flush() whenever any pending
     data should be written such as when removing a buffering BIO
     using BIO_pop(). BIO_flush() may need to be retried if the

MirBSD #10-current         2005-02-05                           1

BIO_F_BUFFER(3)              OpenSSL              BIO_F_BUFFER(3)

     ultimate source/sink BIO is non blocking.


     BIO_f_buffer() returns the buffering BIO method.

     BIO_get_buffer_num_lines() returns the number of lines buf-
     fered (may be 0).

     BIO_set_read_buffer_size(), BIO_set_write_buffer_size() and
     BIO_set_buffer_size() return 1 if the buffer was success-
     fully resized or 0 for failure.

     BIO_set_buffer_read_data() returns 1 if the data was set
     correctly or 0 if there was an error.



MirBSD #10-current         2005-02-05                           2

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