MirOS Manual: madvise(2)

MADVISE(2)                 BSD Programmer's Manual                  MADVISE(2)


     madvise - give advice about use of memory


     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <sys/mman.h>

     madvise(void *addr, size_t len, int behav);


     The madvise() system call allows a process that has knowledge of its
     memory behavior to describe it to the system. The possible behaviors are:

     MADV_NORMAL      No further special treatment needed.

     MADV_RANDOM      Expect random page access patterns.

     MADV_SEQUENTIAL  Expect sequential page references.

     MADV_WILLNEED    The pages will be referenced soon.

     MADV_DONTNEED    The pages will not be referenced soon.

     MADV_SPACEAVAIL  Ensure that resources are reserved.

     MADV_FREE        The pages don't contain any useful data and can be recy-


     Upon successful completion, a value of 0 is returned. Otherwise, a value
     of -1 is returned and errno is set to indicate the error.


     mincore(2), minherit(2), mprotect(2), msync(2), munmap(2)


     The madvise function first appeared in 4.4BSD.

MirOS BSD #10-current            June 9, 1993                                1

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