MirOS Manual: getgroups(2)

GETGROUPS(2)               BSD Programmer's Manual                GETGROUPS(2)


     getgroups - get group access list


     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <unistd.h>

     getgroups(int gidsetlen, gid_t *gidset);


     getgroups() gets the current group access list of the current user pro-
     cess and stores it in the array gidset. The parameter gidsetlen indicates
     the number of entries that may be placed in gidset. getgroups() returns
     the actual number of groups returned in gidset. No more than
     {NGROUPS_MAX} will ever be returned. If gidsetlen is 0, getgroups() re-
     turns the number of groups without modifying the gidset array.


     A successful call returns the number of groups in the group set. A value
     of -1 indicates that an error occurred, and the error code is stored in
     the global variable errno.


     The possible errors for getgroups() are:

     [EINVAL]      The argument gidsetlen is smaller than the number of groups
                   in the group set.

     [EFAULT]      The argument gidset specifies an invalid address.


     getegid(2), setgid(2), setgroups(2), initgroups(3)


     The getgroups() function call appeared in 4.2BSD.

MirOS BSD #10-current           April 16, 1994                               1

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