MirBSD manpage: zcmp(1), zdiff(1)

ZDIFF(1)                     BSD Reference Manual                     ZDIFF(1)


     zcmp, zdiff - compare compressed files


     zcmp [options] file1 [file2]
     zdiff [options] file1 [file2]


     zcmp and zdiff are filters that invoke cmp(1) or diff(1) respectively to
     compare compressed files. Such files generally have a "Z" or "gz" exten-
     sion (both the compress(1) and gzip(1) formats are supported). Any
     options that are specified are passed to cmp(1) or diff(1).

     If only file1 is specified, it is compared against a file with the same
     name, but with the extension removed. When both file1 or file2 are speci-
     fied, either file may be compressed.


     TMPDIR  Directory in which to place temporary files. If unset, /tmp is


     /tmp/zcmp.XXXXXXXXXX   Temporary file for zcmp.
     /tmp/zdiff.XXXXXXXXXX  Temporary file for zdiff.


     cmp(1), compress(1), diff(1), gzip(1)


     zcmp and zdiff rely solely on the file extension to determine what is, or
     is not, a compressed file. Consequently, the following are not supported
     as arguments:

           -   directories
           -   device special files
           -   filenames indicating the standard input ('-')

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