MirBSD manpage: xrandr(1)

XRANDR(1)           UNIX Programmer's Manual            XRANDR(1)


     xrandr - primitive command line interface to RandR extension


     xrandr [-help]  [-display display] [-o orientation] [-q] [-
     v] [-s size] [-x] [-y] [--screen snum] [--verbose]


     Xrandr is used to set the screen size, orientation and/or
     reflection. The -s option is a small integer index used to
     specify which size the screen should be set to. To find out
     what sizes are available, use the -q option, which reports
     the sizes available, the current rotation, and the possible
     rotations and reflections. The default size is the first
     size specified in the list. The -o option is used to specify
     the orientation of the screen, and can be one of "normal
     inverted left right 0 1 2 3".

     The -x option instructs the server to reflect the screen on
     the X axis. The -y option instructs the server to reflect
     the screen on the Y axis. Reflection is applied after rota-

     The -help option prints out a usage summary. The --verbose
     option tells you what xrandr is doing, selects for events,
     and tells you when events are received to enable debugging.




     Keith Packard, XFree86 Core Team and Cambridge Research
     Laboratory, HP Labs, HP. and Jim Gettys, Cambridge Research
     Laboratory, HP Labs, HP.

XFree86                    Version 1.0                          1

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