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     xmkmf - create a Makefile from an Imakefile


     xmkmf [ -a ] [ topdir [ curdir ] ]


     The xmkmf command is the normal way to create a Makefile
     from an Imakefile shipped with third-party software.

     When invoked with no arguments in a directory containing an
     Imakefile, the imake program is run with arguments appropri-
     ate for your system (configured into xmkmf when X was built)
     and generates a Makefile.

     When invoked with the -a option, xmkmf builds the Makefile
     in the current directory, and then automatically executes
     ``make Makefiles'' (in case there are subdirectories),
     ``make includes'', and ``make depend'' for you. This is the
     normal way to configure software that is outside the X Con-
     sortium build tree.

     If working inside the X Consortium build tree (unlikely
     unless you are an X developer, and even then this option is
     never really used), the topdir argument should be specified
     as the relative pathname from the current directory to the
     top of the build tree.  Optionally, curdir may be specified
     as a relative pathname from the top of the build tree to the
     current directory.  It is necessary to supply curdir if the
     current directory has subdirectories, or the Makefile will
     not be able to build the subdirectories. If a topdir is
     given, xmkmf assumes nothing is installed on your system and
     looks for files in the build tree instead of using the
     installed versions.



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