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XIDLE(1)                     BSD Reference Manual                     XIDLE(1)


     xidle - run a program on X inactivity


     xidle [-area pixels] [-delay secs] [-display display]
           [-no | -nw | -ne | -sw | -se] [-program path] [-timeout secs]


     xidle uses the XScreenSaver(3) extension to receive inactivity events
     when a timeout is specified, running a specific program after the elapsed
     time. xidle will also run the program if it is sent a SIGUSR1 signal, or
     if the pointer sits in a corner of the screen for an amount of time. Sig-
     nal and corner locking are always enabled, whether -timeout is specified
     or not.

     The options are as follows:

     -area pixels
             Specify the size, in pixels, of the corner area. The default is 2

     -delay secs
             Specify the number of seconds the pointer has to be in the given
             position before running the program. The default is 2 seconds.

     -display display
             This argument allows you to specify the server to connect to; see

     -no | -nw | -ne | -sw | -se
             Set the position to one of none, northwest, northeast, southwest,
             or southeast, respectively. If no position is specified, the de-
             fault is northwest.

     -program path
             Specify the full pathname of the program to run on any of the
             aforementioned events. Arguments to the program may also be
             specified, separated by whitespace. If -program is not specified,
             the default is xlock(1).

     -timeout secs
             Set the timeout to the specified number of seconds. If -timeout
             is not specified, xidle won't run any program on inactivity.


     A few sets of application specific resources are supported and their
     values can be overridden by the command line options:

     area (class Area)
             Specify the size, in pixels, of the corner area; see the -area

     delay (class Delay)
             Specify the number of seconds to wait before running the program;
             see the -delay option.

     position (class Position)
             Set the position to one of: "no", "nw", "ne", "sw", or "se"; see
             descriptions of the -no, -nw, -ne, -sw, and -se options.

     program (class Program)
             Specify the full pathname of the program to run; see the -program

     timeout (class Timeout)
             Set the timeout to the specified number of seconds; see the
             -timeout option.

     The xidle program resource class is XIdle.


     Run xlock(1) using the flying bats mode if no activity is detected in 300
     seconds or the pointer sits in the southwest corner for more than 5

           $ xidle -delay 5 -sw -program "/usr/X11R6/bin/xlock -mode bat" \
                   -timeout 300


     xlock(1), XScreenSaver(3), X(7)


     The xidle program was written by Federico Schwindt <fgsch@openbsd.org> as
     an xautolock replacement.


     The maximum number of arguments for -program, including the executable
     file, is currently set to 9.

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