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WHICH(1)                     BSD Reference Manual                     WHICH(1)


     which - locate a program file (or files) in the path


     which [-a] name [...]


     which takes a list of names and looks for the files which would be exe-
     cuted had these names been given as commands. Each argument is searched
     for along the user's path.

     If the -a flag is given, which will return a list of all matches instead
     of just the first match.

     The which utility exits with one of the following values:

     0     All names were successfully resolved.
     1     Some names were resolved but not all.
     2     No names were resolved.
     -1    A system error occurred.


     The following environment variables affect the execution of which:

     PATH  A colon-separated list of directories in which to find executables.
           If PATH is not set, and the given name is not a fully qualified or
           relative pathname, which will fail.


     A diagnostic is given if an executable file with the argument name was
     not found in the path.


     csh(1), find(1), locate(1), sh(1), whereis(1), environ(7)


     A which command appeared in 3.0BSD.


     The which command formerly was a csh(1) script and could expand aliases.
     csh(1) now has a built-in which command so this version is intended for
     use with other shells like sh(1).

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