MirBSD manpage: whereis(1)

WHEREIS(1)                   BSD Reference Manual                   WHEREIS(1)


     whereis - locate programs


     whereis name [...]


     The whereis utility checks the standard binary directories for the speci-
     fied name, printing out the paths of any it finds that are executable by
     the user.

     The path searched is the string returned by the sysctl(8) utility for the
     "user.cs_path" string.

     The whereis utility exits with one of the following values:

     0     All names were successfully resolved.
     1     Some names were resolved but not all.
     2     No names were resolved.
     -1    A system error occurred.


     apropos(1), find(1), locate(1), which(1), sysctl(8)


     The historic flags and arguments for the whereis utility are no longer
     available in this version.


     The whereis command appeared in 3.0BSD.

MirBSD #10-current              April 27, 1995                               1

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