MirOS Manual: tbl(1)

TBL(1)                       BSD Reference Manual                       TBL(1)


     tbl - format tables for nroff or troff


     tbl [files] ...


     Tbl is a preprocessor for formatting tables for nroff or troff(1). The
     input files are copied to the standard output, except for lines between
     .TS and .TE command lines, which are assumed to describe tables and are
     reformatted. Details are given in the TBL reference manual.


     As an example, letting \t represent a tab (which should be typed as a
     genuine tab) the input

           c s s
           c c s
           c c c
           l n n.
           Household Population
           Bernards Twp.\t3087\t3.74
           Bound Brook\t3425\t3.04
           Far Hills\t240\t3.19


               Household Population
               Town         Households
                           Number   Size
           Bedminster        789    3.26
           Bernards Twp.    3087    3.74
           Bernardsville    2018    3.30
           Bound Brook      3425    3.04
           Branchburg       1644    3.49
           Bridgewater      7897    3.81
           Far Hills         240    3.19

     If no arguments are given, tbl reads the standard input, so it may be
     used as a filter.  When tbl is used with eqn or neqn the tbl command
     should be first, to minimize the volume of data passed through pipes.


     troff(1), eqn(1)

     M. E. Lesk., TBL,.


     The tbl command appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX.

AT&T 7th Edition                August 9, 1991                               1

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