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SPLITB(1)                    BSD Reference Manual                    SPLITB(1)


     splitb - split a file bytewise into pieces


     splitb [-dhkq] [-B bufsiz] [-b blocksize] [-t template] [-w width] [file]


     The splitb utility reads the given file (or from standard input, if no
     file is specified) and breaks it into smaller files at defined byte boun-

     The operation of splitb is controlled by the following options:

     -B bufsiz
             Set the size of the buffer to bufsiz. Default is 1048576 (1 MiB).

     -b blocksize
             Set the size of the file to blocksize buffers of bufsiz each. De-
             fault is 1.

     -d      Toggle the use of decimal respective sedecimal sequence numbers.
             Default is sedecimal.

     -h      Display a verbose synopsis.

     -k      Set bufsiz to 1024 (1 KiB).

     -q      Be quiet during operation.

     -t template
             Specify pathname which is prepended to generated files. Default
             is "split". template is followed by a dot and three (width) sede-
             cimal numbers (000-FFF) as sequence number; if more than 4096
             (16^3) files are to be generated, it simply runs off unless the
             -w option is used.

     -w width
             Specify the number of sedecimal digits to append, in the range
             from 1 to PATH_MAX - 2 - strlen(template). Default is 3.

     An additional argument specified is used as the name of the input file
     which is to be split.


     cat(1), split(1)


     A splitb command appeared in MirBSD #8.

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