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SKEYAUDIT(1)                 BSD Reference Manual                 SKEYAUDIT(1)


     skeyaudit - warn users if their S/Key will soon expire


     skeyaudit [-ai] [-l limit]


     skeyaudit searches through the files in /etc/skey for users whose S/Key
     sequence number is less than limit, and mails them a reminder to run
     skeyinit(1) soon.

     The options are as follows:

     -a      Check all keys in /etc/skey. This option is only available to the
             superuser and is useful to run regularly via cron(8).

     -i      Interactive mode. Don't send mail, just print to the standard

     -l limit
             The limit used to determine whether or not a user should be noti-
             fied. The default is to notify if there are fewer than 12 keys


     /etc/skey  directory containing user entries for S/Key


     skey(1), skeyinit(1)

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