MirBSD manpage: scanpci(1)

SCANPCI(1)          UNIX Programmer's Manual           SCANPCI(1)


     scanpci - scan/probe PCI buses


     scanpci [-v12OfV]


     Scanpci is a utility that can be used to scan PCI buses and
     report information about the configuration space settings
     for each PCI device. On most platforms, scanpci can only be
     run by the root user.


     -v      Print the configuration space information for each
             device in a verbose format.  Without this option,
             only a brief description is printed for each device.

     -1      Use PCI config type 1.

     -2      Use PCI config type 2.

     -f      Used in conjunction with the above two options, this
             forces the specified configuration type to be used
             for config space access.

     -O      Use the OS's PCI config space access mechanism to
             access the PCI config space (when available).

     -V n    Set the verbosity level to n for the internal PCI
             scanner.  This is primarily for debugging use.




XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

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