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ROFFBIB(1)                   BSD Reference Manual                   ROFFBIB(1)


     roffbib - run off bibliographic database


     roffbib [-e] [-h] [-n] [-o] [-r] [-s] [-Tterm] [-x] [-mmac] [-V] [-Q]
             file ...


     Roffbib is a shell script which prints out all records in a bibliographic
     database, in bibliography format rather than as footnotes or endnotes.
     Generally it is used in conjunction with sortbib:

           sortbib database | roffbib

     Roffbib accepts most of the options understood by nroff(1), such as the
     -T flag to specify terminal type.

     If abstracts or comments are entered in the database following the %X
     field key, roffbib will format them into paragraphs for an annotated bi-
     bliography. Several %X fields may be given if several annotation para-
     graphs are desired.

     Options exclusive to roffbib:

       Suppresses the printing of %X abstracts.

       Send output to the Versatec (use vtroff).

       Queue the output to the default troff device.

     If neither the -Q or -V flags are given, roffbib sends the output to the
     standard output. The default macros for roffbib are in
     /usr/share/tmac/tmac.bib. These can be over ridden by specifying a user-
     defined set with the -m option.

     Four command-line registers control formatting style of the bibliography,
     much like the number registers of ms(7). The command-line argument -rN1
     will number the references starting at one  1 . The flag -rV2 will double
     space the bibliography, while -rV1 will double space references but sin-
     gle space annotation paragraphs. The line length can be changed from the
     default 6.5 inches to 6 inches with the -rL6i argument, and the page
     offset can be set from the default of 0 to one inch by specifying -rO1i
     (capital O, not zero). Note: with the -V and -Q flags the default page
     offset is already one inch.

     Roffbib is limited, but it is a good script to copy and adopt for one's
     own needs, as it does demonstrate usage of refer(1).


     /usr/bin/roffbib          Roffbib script.
     /usr/share/tmac/tmac.bib  File of macros used by nroff(1) and troff(1).


     refer(1), addbib(1), sortbib(1), indxbib(1), lookbib(1)


     The roffbib command appeared in 4.2BSD.


     Users have to rewrite macros to create customized formats.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution     September 4, 2020                              1

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