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NROFF(1)                     BSD Reference Manual                     NROFF(1)


     nroff - text formatting


     nroff [option] ... [file] ...


     Nroff formats text in the named files for typewriter-like devices.  See
     also troff(1). The full capabilities of nroff are described in the
     Nroff/Troff User's Manual.

     If no file argument is present, the standard input is read. An argument
     consisting of a single minus - is taken to be a file name corresponding
     to the standard input.

     The options, which may appear in any order so long as they appear before
     the files, are:

     -olist  Print only pages whose page numbers appear in the comma-separated
             list of numbers and ranges.  A range N-M means pages N through M;
             an initial -N means from the beginning to page N; and a final N-
             means from N to the end.

     -nN     Number first generated page N.

     -sN     Stop every N pages. Nroff will halt prior to every N pages (de-
             fault N=1) to allow paper loading or changing, and will resume
             upon receipt of a newline.

     -mname  Prepend the macro file /usr/share/tmac/tmac.name to the input

     -raN    Set register a (one-character) to N.

     -i      Read standard input after the input files are exhausted.

     -q      Invoke the simultaneous input-output mode of the rd request.

     -Tname  Prepare output for specified terminal.  Known names are:

             37       for the Teletype Corporation Model 37 terminal,
             col      standard teletype terminal after processing through
                      col(1); linked to ascii and latin1, depends on the
                      helper application for reverse-line and half-line capa-
                      bility, otherwise identical to crt,
             crt      the default; linked to lpr and tn300, for the GE Ter-
                      miNet 300 (or any terminal without reverse-line or
                      half-line capability),
             300      for the DTC 300,
             302      for the DTC 302S and the DTC 300S,
             382      for the DTC 382,
             450      for the DTC 450 and the IPSI 1622,
             833      for the AJ 832/833,
             epson    for the Epson FX-80,
             itoh     for the C:ITOH Prowriter
             nec      for the NEC-55?0/77?0 Spinwriter, with the Courier-
                      72/Manifold thimble,
             nec-t    for the NEC-55?0/77?0 Spinwriter, with the Tech-
                      Math/Times-Roman thimble,
             nec25-t  for the NEC-5525/7725 Spinwriter, with the Tech-
                      Math/Times-Roman thimble,
             qume     for the Qume Sprint 5 or 9,
             x-ecs    for the Xerox/Diablo 1730/630, extended character set,
             xerox    for the Xerox 17?0 or the Diablo 16?0. Most of these
                      also have versions for 12 pitch. See
                      /usr/share/tmac/README.tab for more information.

     -e      Produce equally-spaced words in adjusted lines, using full termi-
             nal resolution.

     -h      Use output tabs during horizontal spacing to speed output and
             reduce output character count. Tab settings are assumed to be
             every 8 nominal character widths.

     -B      Do not add a second blank after a full stop ("french spacing").

     -c      Ignored for compatibility with GNU groff. This option may impact
             input processing compatibility.


     /tmp/ta*                Temporary file.
     /usr/share/tmac/tmac.*  Standard macro files
     /usr/share/tmac/tab*    Terminal driving tables for nroff.


     troff(1), eqn(1), tbl(1), ms(7), me(7), man(7), col(1)

     J. F. Ossanna, Nroff/Troff user's manual.

     B. W. Kernighan, A TROFF Tutorial.


     An nroff command appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX. The version described
     here appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX. This code went into an open source
     system with MirBSD #5. Improved compatibility of MirNroff with GNU groff
     was achieved with MirBSD #10.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution     September 4, 2020                              1

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