MirBSD manpage: mkhtmlindex(1)

mkhtmlindex(1)      UNIX Programmer's Manual       mkhtmlindex(1)


     mkhtmlindex - generate index files for HTML man pages


     mkhtmlindex htmlmandir


     The mkhtmlindex program generates index files for a direc-
     tory of HTML-formatted manual pages. It searches for files
     whose names are of the form name.1.html, and outputs index
     files manindex1.html, manindex.2.html, and so on, one for
     each manual volume. Empty index files will be removed. Names
     and descriptions are found by scanning the first <H2> sec-
     tion of each page.


     mkhtmlindex takes only one argument: the directory to pro-


     This utility is currently rather specific to XFree86. In
     particular, the format of the index files it outputs is not
     configurable, nor is the HTML formatting it expects of
     manual pages.


     David Dawes wrote the mkhtmlindex program for XFree86.

     Colin Watson wrote this manual page, originally for the
     Debian Project.

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

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