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MAN(1)                       BSD Reference Manual                       MAN(1)


     man - display the on-line manual pages


     man [-achw] [-C file] [-M path] [-m path] [-S subsection] [-s section]
         [section] name [...]
     man -f command
     man -k keyword


     The man utility displays the BSD manual pages entitled name.

     The options are as follows:

     -a      Display all of the manual pages for a specified section and name
             combination. (Normally, only the first manual page found is

     -C file
             Use the specified file instead of the default configuration file.
             This permits users to configure their own manual environment. See
             man.conf(5) for a description of the contents of this file.

     -c      Copy the manual page to the standard output instead of using
             more(1) to paginate it. This is done by default if the standard
             output is not a terminal device.

     -f command
             Locate man pages matching the command in much the same way
             whatis(1) works.

     -h      Display only the "SYNOPSIS" lines of the requested manual pages.

     -k keyword
             Locate man pages matching keyword in much the same way as
             apropos(1) works (in fact, it runs apropos(1)). This can be used
             to find which man page applies to a particular subsystem you are
             interested in. For instance:

                   $ man -k mount

             will list all man pages which contain keyword in the "NAME" line
             of the man page; in this case a list much like this:

             amd (8) - automatically mount filesystems
             amq (8) - automounter query tool
             mount (8) - mount filesystems
             mount, unmount (2) - mount or dismount a filesystem
             mount_ados (8) - mount an AmigaDOS filesystem
             mount_cd9660 (8) - mount an ISO-9660 filesystem
             mount_ext2fs (8) - mount a ext2fs filesystem
             mount_fdesc (8) - mount the file-descriptor filesystem
             mount_ffs, mount_ufs (8) - mount a Berkeley Fast Filesystem
             mount_kernfs (8) - mount the /kern filesystem
             mount_procfs (8) - mount the process filesystem
             mount_xfs (8) - mount the xfs filesystem
             mountd (8) - service remote NFS mount requests
             newfs, mount_mfs (8) - construct a new filesystem
             umount (8) - unmount filesystems

     -M path
             Override the list of standard directories which man searches for
             manual pages. The supplied path must be a colon (':') separated
             list of directories. This search path may also be set using the
             environment variable MANPATH. The subdirectories to be searched,
             and their search order, are specified by the "_subdir" line in
             the man configuration file.

     -m path
             Augment the list of standard directories which man searches for
             manual pages. The supplied path must be a colon (':') separated
             list of directories. These directories will be searched before
             the standard directories or the directories specified using the
             -M option or the MANPATH environment variable. The subdirectories
             to be searched, and their search order, are specified by the
             "_subdir" line in the man configuration file.

     -S subsection
             Specifies the machine-dependent subsection. This overrides the
             MACHINE environment variable. See the ENVIRONMENT section below.

     -s section
             Another way of specifying the section, for compatibility with man
             on other operating systems.

     -w      List the pathnames of the manual pages which man would display
             for the specified section and name combination.

     The optional section argument restricts the directories that man will
     search. The currently available sections are:

           1    General commands (tools and utilities).
           2    System calls and error numbers.
           3    Libraries.
           3p   perl(1) programmer's reference guide.
           4    Device drivers.
           5    File formats.
           6    Games.
           7    Miscellaneous.
           8    System maintenance and operation commands.
           9    Kernel internals.

     The man configuration file (see man.conf(5)) specifies the possible
     section values, and their search order. If only a single argument is
     specified, or if the first argument is not a valid section, man assumes
     that the argument is the name of a manual page to be displayed.

     Guidelines for OpenBSD man pages can be found in mdoc(7). A full tutorial
     for writing man pages is provided in mdoc.samples(7).


     MACHINE   As some manual pages are intended only for specific architec-
               tures, man searches any subdirectories, with the same name as
               the current architecture, in every directory which it searches.
               Machine specific areas are checked before general areas. The
               current machine type may be overridden by setting the environ-
               ment variable MACHINE to the name of a specific architecture.

     MANPAGER  Any non-null value of the environment variable MANPAGER will be
               used instead of the standard pagination program, more(1).

     MANPATH   The standard search path used by man may be overridden by
               specifying a path in the MANPATH environment variable. The for-
               mat of the path is a colon (':') separated list of directories.
               The subdirectories to be searched, as well as their search ord-
               er, are specified by the "_subdir" line in the man configura-
               tion file.

     PAGER     Specifies the pagination program to use when MANPAGER is not


     /etc/man.conf  default man configuration file


     apropos(1), intro(1), whatis(1), whereis(1), intro(2), intro(3),
     intro(4), intro(5), man.conf(5), intro(6), intro(7), mdoc(7),
     mdoc.samples(7), intro(8), intro(9)


     A man command appeared in Version 3 AT&T UNIX.


     The on-line manual pages are, by necessity, forgiving toward stupid
     display devices, causing a few manual pages to be not as nicely formatted
     as their typeset counterparts.

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