MirOS Manual: arch(1), machine(1)

ARCH(1)                      BSD Reference Manual                      ARCH(1)


     arch, machine - print architecture type


     arch [-ks]
     machine [-a]


     The arch and machine commands display the machine's architecture in
     slightly different ways. arch by default displays the application archi-
     tecture, defined by both the operating system and the instruction set ar-
     chitecture, while machine displays the kernel architecture (without the
     operating system part). Note that both commands output the target archi-
     tecture as opposed to uname(1) which describes the host. This is useful
     for dynamic discovery of the target architecture in build or configura-
     tion scripts needing to work in cross-compilation environments.

     The options for arch are as follows:

     -k      Display the kernel architecture instead of application architec-

     -s      Display the chosen architecture in a short form, i.e., without
             the operating system prefixed.

     The options for machine are as follows:

     -a      Display the application architecture instead of the kernel archi-



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