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LOCK(1)                      BSD Reference Manual                      LOCK(1)


     lock, lock-np - reserve a terminal


     lock [-np] [-a style] [-t timeout]
     lock-np [-a style] [-t timeout]


     lock requests a password from the user, reads it again for verification
     and then will normally not relinquish the terminal until the password is
     repeated. There are two other conditions under which it will terminate:
     it will timeout after some interval of time and it may be killed by some-
     one with the appropriate privileges.

     If lock-np is called, it will behave like lock with -np specified. This
     modus operandi is intended for use with GNU screen.

     The options are as follows:

     -a style
             The specified BSD Authentication login style (as specified in
             /etc/login.conf) will be used to authenticate the user. If the
             particular style requires a challenge/response handshake or a
             special prompt, the user may enter the name of the style to get
             the standard prompt for that style.

     -n      Don't use a timeout value. Terminal will be locked forever.

     -p      A password is not requested, instead the user's current login
             password is used. If the user has an S/Key key, they may also use
             it to unlock the terminal. To do this the user should enter
             "s/key" at the unlock "Key:" prompt. The user will then be issued
             an S/Key challenge to which they may respond with a six-word
             S/Key one-time password.

     -t timeout
             The time limit (default 15 minutes) is changed to timeout


     skey(1), login.conf(5)


     The lock command appeared in 3.0BSD.

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