MirOS Manual: lastcomm(1)

LASTCOMM(1)                  BSD Reference Manual                  LASTCOMM(1)


     lastcomm - show last commands executed in reverse order


     lastcomm [-f file] [command ...] [user ...] [terminal ...]


     lastcomm gives information on previously executed commands. With no argu-
     ments, lastcomm prints information about all the commands recorded during
     the current accounting file's lifetime.

     The options are as follows:

     -f file
             Read from file rather than the default accounting file.

     If called with arguments, only accounting entries with a matching command
     name, user name, or terminal name are printed. So, for example:

           lastcomm a.out root ttyd0

     would produce a listing of all the executions of commands named a.out by
     user root on the terminal ttyd0.

     For each process entry, the following are printed:

           •   Name of the user who ran the process.
           •   Flags, as accumulated by the system's accounting facilities.
           •   Command name under which the process was called.
           •   Amount of CPU time used by the process (in seconds).
           •   Time the process started.
           •   Elapsed time of the process.

     The flags are encoded as follows: 'S' indicates the command was executed
     by the superuser, 'F' indicates the command ran after a fork, but without
     a following exec(3), 'C' indicates the command was run in PDP-11 compati-
     bility mode (VAX only), 'D' indicates the command terminated with the
     generation of a core file, and 'X' indicates the command was terminated
     with a signal.


     /var/account/acct  default accounting file


     last(1), sigvec(3), acct(5), core(5), accton(8)


     The lastcomm command appeared in 3.0BSD.

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