MirBSD manpage: kwalletcli_getpin(1)

KWALLETCLI_GETPIN(1)         BSD Reference Manual         KWALLETCLI_GETPIN(1)


     kwalletcli_getpin - command line interface to pinentry


     kwalletcli_getpin [-q] [-b | -m | -p prompt] [-E | -e errortext]
                       [-N NoText] [-t desctext] [-Y YesText]


     The kwalletcli_getpin utility is a shell wrapper speaking to pinentry us-
     ing the Assuan protocol. It will ask the user for a passphrase and print
     it, without any trailing newline, to standard output. There are options
     for asking a boolean question or displaying a message.

     If PINENTRY is not empty but points to a non-existing or failing program,
     pinentry is not called. Instead, xmessage(1) is used for boolean queries
     and messages if DISPLAY is set; otherwise, kwalletcli_getpin uses simple
     terminal I/O on GPG_TTY using stty(1) to disable echo of terminal input
     for passphrase queries.

     The options are as follows:

     -b          Ask for a confirmation (boolean) instead of a passphrase.

     -E          Unset a previously set error text.

     -E errtxt   Set the error text to errtxt, displaying a dialogue box with
                 a red X icon indicating that this is a retry question.

     -m          Display a message (one-button query) instead of asking.

     -N NoText   Use NoText instead of Cancel for the text of the abort but-
                 ton, if any.

     -p prompt   Set the small descriptive text shown in front of the input
                 field ("the Prompt") to prompt.

     -q          Be more quiet.

     -t desctxt  Set the descriptive text (the input challenge) to desctxt.

     -Y YesText  Use YesText instead of OK for the text of the confirm button.

     All input and output is assumed to be in UTF-8.


     The kwalletcli_getpin utility exits 0 on success, 1 if the passphrase in-
     put was cancelled by the user, or >1 if an error occurred. Confirmation
     (boolean) error codes are 0 for Yes, 1 for No, or >1 if an error oc-
     curred. Messages return >0 if an error occurred, 0 otherwise.

     A summary of the error codes follows:
       Read password successfully. Boolean question returned Yes/OK.
       Boolean question returned No/Cancel.
       Wrong command line syntax.
       The process reading user input unexpectedly terminated or errored out.
       Unexpected result reading from pinentry.
       Unable to determine controlling tty, caller must set GPG_TTY.


     DISPLAY      If not set, pass current terminal information to pinentry.

     GPG_TERM     Terminal type of the current tty. Defaults to the value of
                  the environment variable TERM, or "vt100" if unset.

     GPG_TTY      The current terminal, determined by tty(1) if unset.

     LC_CTYPE     Passed to pinentry. Default: "en_US.UTF-8"

     LC_MESSAGES  Passed to pinentry. Unset by default.

     PINENTRY     The pinentry program to use. Default: "pinentry"


     gpg-agent(1), kwalletcli(1), pinentry(1), stty(1), tset(1), tty(1)


     kwalletcli_getpin was written by mirabilos <m@mirbsd.org> mostly for
     tarent solutions GmbH.


     Some newer pinentry features, such as three-button operation or setting
     the window title, are not supported yet.


     Some pinentry programs may not support messages correctly and display
     them as boolean queries instead.

     Some implementations display labels with the wrong charset.

     Neither of these two problems is an issue in kwalletcli_getpin but a bug
     of the backend implementation.

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