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KWALLETASKPASS(1)            BSD Reference Manual            KWALLETASKPASS(1)


     kwalletaskpass - kwallet-based pass-phrase dialog for use with OpenSSH


     kwalletaskpass [options] label


     kwalletaskpass is a kwallet- and pinentry-based pass-phrase dialog for
     use with OpenSSH. It is intended to be called from the ssh-add(1) program
     and not invoked directly.

     If a passphrase is requested, kwalletaskpass works by first looking up
     the passphrase in the KWallet by means of kwalletcli(1); using it if
     found, then calling kwalletcli_getpin(1) to interactively retrieve an
     answer from the user via pinentry otherwise. If the user specifies a
     passphrase, kwalletcli_getpin(1) is run again to ask if the passphrase
     should be stored in the KWallet. Negative answers will be stored in the
     KWallet to avoid being asked each time. kwalletaskpass uses the KWallet
     folders kwalletaskpass and kwalletaskpass-blacklist with matching entry

     If anything other than a key passphrase is requested, it is merely re-
     layed to kwalletcli_getpin(1). Some requests are known to require a
     boolean answer and are relayed using the boolean query flag; all others
     are relayed using a PIN query. ssh(1) accepts either the literal word
     "yes" (case-insensitively matched) or an empty answer (both only when us-
     ing the OK button) as confirmation.

     There are currently no options.


     kwalletaskpass exits 0 on success, 1 if the user cancelled the dialogue,
     or >1 if an error occurred.


     DISPLAY   The X11 display to use for child processes. If this is unset or
               empty, kwalletcli will not be called.

     PINENTRY  The pinentry program to use. The default is inherited from


     kwalletcli(1), kwalletcli_getpin(1), ssh-add(1), ssh-askpass(1)


     kwalletaskpass was written by mirabilos <m@mirbsd.org> mostly for tarent
     solutions GmbH. The idea came from an askpass.C file found somewhere on
     the 'net, with no author information. Since it was licenced less freely,
     this is a rewrite from scratch; modular and with more functionality, too.

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