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KDUMP(1)                     BSD Reference Manual                     KDUMP(1)


     kdump - display kernel trace data


     kdump [-dnlRT] [-e emulation] [-f file] [-m maxdata] [-p pid]
           [-t [ceinsw]]


     kdump displays the kernel trace files produced with ktrace(1) in human-
     readable format. By default, the file ktrace.out in the current directory
     is displayed, unless overridden by the -f option.

     The options are as follows:

     -d      Display all numbers in decimal. By default, values are printed
             out in hexadecimal.

     -e emulation
             Interpret system call maps assuming the named emulation instead
             of "bsd". For example, to view trace output from a Linux binary,
             use -e linux.

     -f file
             Display the specified file instead of ktrace.out.

     -l      Loop reading the trace file, once the end-of-file is reached,
             waiting for more data.

     -m maxdata
             Display at most maxdata bytes when decoding I/O.

     -n      Suppress ad hoc translations. Normally kdump tries to decode many
             system calls into a more human-readable format. For example,
             ioctl(2) values are replaced with the macro name and errno values
             are replaced with the strerror(3) string. Suppressing this
             feature yields a more consistent output format and is easily
             amenable to further processing.

     -p pid  Show output only for the pid specified.

     -R      Display relative timestamps (time since previous entry).

     -T      Display absolute timestamps for each entry (seconds since epoch).

     -t [ceinsw]
             Selects which tracepoints to display. See the -t option of
             ktrace(1) for the definitions of the flags.


     ktrace.out  default ktrace dump file




     The kdump command appeared in 4.4BSD.

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