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infotocap(1)        UNIX Programmer's Manual         infotocap(1)


     infotocap - convert a terminfo description into a termcap


     infotocap [-vn width]  [-V] [-1] [-w width] file . . .


     infotocap looks in file for terminfo descriptions.  For each
     one found, an equivalent termcap description is written to
     standard output.  Terminfo use capabilities are translated
     directly to termcap tc capabilities.

     -v   print out tracing information on standard error as the
          program runs.

     -V   print out the version of the program in use on standard
          error and exit.

     -1   cause the fields to print out one to a line.  Other-
          wise, the fields will be printed several to a line to a
          maximum width of 60 characters.

     -w   change the output to width characters.


     /usr/share/terminfo Compiled terminal description database.


     This utility is actually a link to tic(1), running in -C
     mode. You can use other tic options such as -f and  -x.


     curses(3), tic(1), infocmp(1), terminfo(5)

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