MirBSD manpage: info(1)

INFO(1)                   User Commands                   INFO(1)


     info - read Info documents


     info [OPTION]... [MENU-ITEM...]


     Read documentation in Info format.


          look up STRING in all indices of all manuals.

     -d, --directory=DIR
          add DIR to INFOPATH.

          remember user keystrokes in FILENAME.

     -f, --file=FILENAME
          specify Info file to visit.

     -h, --help
          display this help and exit.

          go to node pointed by index entry STRING.

     -n, --node=NODENAME
          specify nodes in first visited Info file.

     -o, --output=FILENAME
          output selected nodes to FILENAME.

     -R, --raw-escapes
          output "raw" ANSI escapes (default).

          output escapes as literal text.

          read initial keystrokes from FILENAME.

     -O, --show-options, --usage
          go to command-line options node.

          recursively output menu items.

     -w, --where, --location
          print physical location of Info file.

info 4.8                  December 2004                         1

INFO(1)                   User Commands                   INFO(1)

          use vi-like and less-like key bindings.

          display version information and exit.

     The first non-option argument, if present, is the menu entry
     to start from; it is searched for in all `dir' files along
     INFOPATH. If it is not present, info merges all `dir' files
     and shows the result. Any remaining arguments are treated as
     the names of menu items relative to the initial node


     info show top-level dir menu

     info emacs
          start at emacs node from top-level dir

     info emacs buffers
          start at buffers node within emacs manual

     info --show-options emacs
          start at node with emacs' command line options

     info -f ./foo.info
          show file ./foo.info, not searching dir


     Email bug reports to bug-texinfo@gnu.org, general questions
     and discussion to help-texinfo@gnu.org. Texinfo home page:


     Copyright (C) 2004 Free Software Foundation, Inc. There is
     NO warranty.  You may redistribute this software under the
     terms of the GNU General Public License. For more informa-
     tion about these matters, see the files named COPYING.

info 4.8                  December 2004                         2

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