MirBSD manpage: getextent_cd9660(1)

GETEXTENT_CD9660(1)          BSD Reference Manual          GETEXTENT_CD9660(1)


     getextent_cd9660 - get directory information on ISO 9660 filesystems


     getextent_cd9660 [-bens] -f fs.iso [file ...]


     The getextent_cd9660 utility prints out a list of files in the root
     directory of the fs.iso ISO 9660 image. If files are specified, only en-
     tries with these names (exact match, no wildcards) are considered.

     The options are as follows:

     -b         Show a column with the start block number of the file.

     -e         Show a column with the end block number of the file.

     -f fs.iso  Specify which filesystem image (or device) to operate on.

     -n         Show a column with the name of the file.

     -s         Show a column with the size of the file.

     The -bens flags determine the format of the output. Column order is:
     start_block end_block size name. If none of these flags are specified,
     the default is -ben.

     The special files $BootCatalog$ and $BootImage$ are a somewhat crude at-
     tempt at parsing the El Torito volume descriptor and boot catalogue to
     find out the default boot image.


     A getextent_cd9660 utility appeared in MirBSD #11 to get rid of J?rg
     Schilling's mkisofs tools.


     getextent_cd9660 was written by Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de>.

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