MirOS Manual: file2c(1)

FILE2C(1)                    BSD Reference Manual                    FILE2C(1)


     file2c - convert file to c-source


     file2c [string] [string]


     The file2c utility reads a file from the standard input and writes it to
     the standard output, converting each byte to its decimal representation
     on the fly.

     If the first string is present, it is printed before the data. If the
     second string is present, it is printed after the data.

     This program is used to embed binary or other files into C source files,
     for instance as a char[].


     The command:

           $ date | file2c 'const char date[] = {' ',0};'

     will produce:

           const char date[] = {


     hexdump(1), od(1)

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