MirBSD manpage: fc-cache(1)

FC-CACHE(1)         UNIX Programmer's Manual          FC-CACHE(1)


     fc-cache, fonts.cache - create an index of FreeType font
     files in a directory


     fc-cache [directory-name ... ]


     If directory arguments are not given, fc-cache uses each
     directory in the current font configuration.  Each directory
     is scanned for font files readable by FreeType.  A cache is
     created which contains properties of each font and the asso-
     ciated filename.  This cache is used to speed application
     startup when using the fontconfig library.


     fonts.cache    Maps file names to font properties.  Read by
                    the fontconfig library at application startup
                    to locate appropriate fonts.



XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

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