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evilwm(1)           UNIX Programmer's Manual            evilwm(1)


     evilwm - Minimalist Window Manager for X


     evilwm [ -display display ] [ -term termprog ] [ -fg fore-
     ground ] [ -bg background ] [ -bw borderwidth ] [ -snap num
     ] [ -mask1 modifiers ] [ -mask2 modifiers ] [ -app
     name/class [ -g geometry ] [ -v vdesk ] ]... [ -V ]


     evilwm is a minimalist window manager based on aewm,
     extended to feature many keyboard controls, and otherwise
     altered to be more friendly.

     In evilwm, the focus follows the mouse pointer, and focus is
     not lost if you stray onto the root window.  The current
     window border is shaded gold, with other windows left as a
     dark grey.

     You can use the mouse to manipulate windows either by
     click/dragging the 1 pixel border, or by holding down Alt
     and doing so anywhere in the client window. The controls

     Button 1
          Move window.

     Button 2
          Resize window.

     Button 3
          Lower window.

     Most keyboard controls are used by holding down Control and
     Alt, then pressing a key. Available functions are:

          Spawn new terminal.

     `    Spawn a new X11R6 terminal in a sane state, not inher-
          iting the parent environment, resetting most values to

          Delete current window.

          Lower current window.

     H, J, K, L
          Move window left, down, up or right (16 pixels).

MirBSD #10-current        July 11, 2010                         1

evilwm(1)           UNIX Programmer's Manual            evilwm(1)

     Y, U, B, N
          Move window to top-left, top-right, bottom-left or
          bottom-right of screen.

     Q, W, E, R
          These have the same meaning as HJKL, but resize the
          window. The Q and R keys decrease and increase, respec-
          tively, the width of the window, while W and E increase
          or decrease the height.

     The amount the window is resized by can be given by the
     application and defaults to one (1) pixel. In addition, no
     window is ever resized to less than one (1) pixel width or
     height by these keys.

     I    Show information about current window.

          Maximise current window vertically (toggle).

     X    Maximise current window (toggle).

     If compiled with virtual desktop support, these functions
     are also available:

     F    Fix or unfix current window.

     1 - 8
          Switch virtual desktop.

     Left Previous virtual desktop.

          Next virtual desktop.

     In addition to the above, Alt+Tab can be used to cycle
     through windows on screen.

     To make evilwm exit, you have to kill the process.


     -display display
          specifies the X display to run on.

     -term termprog
          specifies an alternative program to run when spawning a
          new terminal (defaults to xterm, or x-terminal-emulator
          in Debian).

     -fg foreground
          frame colour of currently active window.

MirBSD #10-current        July 11, 2010                         2

evilwm(1)           UNIX Programmer's Manual            evilwm(1)

     -bg background
          frame colour of inactive windows.

     -bw borderwidth
          width of window borders in pixels.

     -snap num
          enable snap-to-border support.  num gives the proximity
          in pixels to snap to.

     -mask1 modifiers

     -mask2 modifiers
          override the default keyboard modifiers used to grab
          keys for window manager functionality. mask1 is used
          for most keyboard controls (default: control+alt), and
          mask2 is used for mousebutton controls and cycling win-
          dows (default: alt).  Modifiers may be separated with +
          signs.  Valid modifiers are shift, lock, control, alt,
          mod1, mod2, mod3, mod4, mod5.

     -app name/class
          match an application by instance name and class (for
          help in finding these, use the xlsclients tool with the
          -l option).  Subsequent -g and -v options will apply to
          this match.

     -g geometry
          apply a geometry (using a standard X geometry string)
          to applications matching the last -app.

     -v vdesk
          specify a default virtual desktop for applications
          matching the last -app. Use 0 for vdesk to set window
          as sticky.

     -V   print version number.


     The author's idea of friendly may differ to that of many
     other people.


     Ciaran Anscomb <evilwm@6809.org.uk>.

     aewm was written by Decklin Foster <fosterd@hartwick.edu>.

     9wm was written by David Hogan <dhog@cs.su.oz.au>.

     evilwm was integrated into MirOS #4 by Thorsten "mirabilos"
     Glaser <tg@mirbsd.org>, who also wrote several extensions
     and re-added the "old move behaviour" for MirOS #8. Starting

MirBSD #10-current        July 11, 2010                         3

evilwm(1)           UNIX Programmer's Manual            evilwm(1)

     with MirOS #10, keyboard resizing behaves the same as key-
     board moving, regarding the mouse cursor.

     Some of the MirOS additions have been inspired by work done
     by Jonathan Schleifer <js@webkeks.org>.


     xterm(1), xlsclients(1)

MirBSD #10-current        July 11, 2010                         4

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